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Recognizing there was a way to calm the mind and body simultaneously, I was immediately drawn to yoga.

I went on to study in numerous trainings so I could continuously share my discoveries with others. After studying and teaching diverse yoga methods for over 20 years, I began my focus towards healing the nervous system. This brought me into the world of therapy geared specifically for trauma.

I became a Yoga Therapist, C-IAYT with a focus on somatic trauma healing. I can truly say witnessing

people begin to take back their bodies and experience peace again, this is my greatest joy.


I offer a variety of yoga styles in addition to Yoga Therapy and Trauma Informed Yoga.  

Public classes include mindful movement, meditation and breathwork.

I also offer yoga for healing with a focus on trauma survivors, at risk youth, Veterans,

people living with PTSD, addiction recovery and other specialty groups.

Healing is generally comprised of segments. Figuring out where to begin can be a

daunting task to take on alone. 

You don't have to. Reach out and let's do this together. 

Whether you're looking for yoga or therapy, movement or stillness,

there's something waiting for you.

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