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Restorative Yoga is a practice that helps to promote deep relaxation of the body and mind. This style yoga seeks to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation with the aid of props. The class is also oriented toward focused breathing and meditation. Easily modified according to individual needs. 


Vinyasa / Flow

Vinyasa classes are known for their fluid, movement-intensive practices. Classes are choreographed to smoothly transition from pose to pose. The intensity of the practice will get your heart rate up and blood flowing. 


A quiet, meditative yoga practice. Yin focuses on lengthening connective tissues and is meant to complement yang yoga, the muscle-engaging yoga. Yin poses are passive, meaning we relax our muscles and let gravity do the work. These are long holds — you’ll practice patience here.

Gentle / All Levels

This is a gentle class that combines yoga postures, breathing, and meditation. This class is geared toward students who wish to move at a slower pace. No experience is required. Gentle yoga provides a beautiful way to softly wake the body up and stretch yourself out.

Yoga provides the means to bring out the best in each individual. This requires an understanding of a person’s present condition, personal potential, appropriate goals and the means available. As each person is different, these will vary with each individual.

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